RxJS with Ben Lesh

In this episode we are discussing RxJS with Ben Lesh
RxJS (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) is a complex and very interesting topic. The Rx (Reactive Extensions), originating from Microsoft, has been around for a very long time migrating from one platform to another. These days every programming language has its own native implementation of Rx. This episode is fully dedicated to RxJS.

In this episode we are discussing:

  • What is RxJS and what problem does it solve?
  • Ben’s personal story with RxJS and how it all started
  • A quick history or RxJS
  • What companies are using RxJS and how does it help them?
  • RxJS and Angular (RxJS on Google scale)
  • Reactive Programming and how RxJS related to that.
  • RxJS vs another Reactive Programming libraries (BaconJS, KefirJS, etc)    
  • Observable vs promise
  • When to use observables, when to use promise
  • Tips and tricks for newcomers
  • What is the future of RxJS
  • Observable TC39 proposal
  • Observables as a part of ECMAScript standard
People mentioned
Eric Meyer
Bart De Smet
Matthew Podwysocki

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RxJS with Ben Lesh
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